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  • Web Development
  • Software Development
  • Quality Assurance
  • Web Design

How we work

Software Development Process Overview

Our company provides support of entire development cycle:
  • gathering of requirements
  • specification development
  • software development
  • testing
  • deployment
  • training/documentation
  • support

In our work we always keep close communication with our customers, including e-mail, IME chat, or voice communication. We provide presentation of our progress on each stage of development, and improve our work basing on customer’s reviews. Ability to keep close and clear communication is important part of the product development success.

Development Services Cost

We offer competitive rates in bundle with quality and experience. We negotiate three types of contracts:
  • Fixed-price - for projects with detailed specifications, the fixed buget and timeframe job.
  • Time based - for project and consulting services where immediate work is performed on customer's request
  • Dedicated developer - fixed price per month for a dedicated developer

For all projects we provide complete accounting of time and other expenses you need.